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EGTC TRITIA is the first grouping of its kind at the area of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with regional governments as its members.Territory where EGTC TRITIA works includes Moravian – Silesian Region from Czech Republic, Silesian Voivodeship from Poland and Žilina Self – governing Region from Slovak Republic.

Marta SlávikováEGTC TRITIA is constituted association which uses common potential for achievement of common results.

Marta Sláviková


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Opening of the exhibition Graduation Projects 2018

The days 1st and 2nd of March 2019 saw the official round-up of the 17th edition of the International Graduation Projects Review 2018.

We are looking for a partner on the Czech side

Both countries, Poland and the Czech Republic have similar experience with working with the elderly and people with disabilities, similarly defining the needs in the field of the therapist education. For this reason, we have decided to address this issue by organizing studies for those interested in this subject or those who are already working with the elderly and people with disabilities and want to attend further refresher courses.

Newsletter Air Tritia

The most demanding part of the modelling regarding the computing power is the calculation of pollution from domestic boilers from the Polish part of the TRITIA region. These results together with results of pollution modelling from domestic boilers at the Czech and Slovak part of the region, from industrial sources and car traffic will be the basis for further analysis of the air quality, health risks and remedies.

AIR TRITIA Educational animated film

We invite you to look at a unique film about the threat to human race and nature from air pollution.

Conference summarizing the 3D Heritage project

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation TRITIA with together with the University of Žilina in Žilina organized a conference summarizing the project: "3D digitization of historical objects of the cross-border area SK-PL".