Economic cooperation

Systematic cooperation of the EGTC TRITIA member regions in the years 2014 - 2020 in the field of economic cooperation lead towards meeting the following objectives:

Global objective 2:
Creating an environment suitable for a common, business attractive cross-border economic area based on the use of innovation, support of entrepreneurship and business , an area that will make the best use of its geographical location, the availability and qualifications of local human resources , common history and mutual complementarity of all regions, and ensure high levels of employment of its inhabitants

Specific Objective 2.1:
Create conditions for the development and institutionalization of existing elements and the creation of other cooperative elements leading to the formation of cross-border economic area

Specific objective 2.2:
Support the development of human resources and administrative / institutional capacity of the border region

Specific objective 2.3:
Promote cross-border initiatives in research , development and innovation

Conference on Local Products in Žilina

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Local products belong to the marketplace

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