7th Annual meeting of the EGTC Platform in Brussels

9 October 2017 in Brussels was hold 7th Annual meeting of the EGTC Platform “The future of the cross-border cooperation”. It was in seat of European Committee of the Regions, Rue van Maerlant. Marta Sláviková,director EGTC TRITIA took a part on it.

Meeting was opened by Petr Osvald, EGTC Platform Coordinator, Chair of CoR's COTER Commission. Very good presentation about obstacles in cross border cooperation was done by Ms Ana-Paula Laissy, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG REGIO, European crossborder cooperation.

Ms Anne Sander MEP, Chair of the EP Working-Group on Cross-border Cooperation presented Perspective from the European Parliament. For representatives of EGTCs was very important EGTC Monitoring Report 2016 with information about work of EGTC with EU funds.

Next there were presented different forms of EGTC and their experiences, for example Eucor - The European Campus (CH-FR-DE) – EGTC of five universities, “classical“ EGTC Pons Dabubii SK - HU with very interesting projects or EGTC Cities of Ceramics (AEuCC) – special – sectors EGTC which groups producers of traditional ceramic from EU.

Discus panel were about:

- Macro-regions, Transnational/Interregional Cooperation, Mr Jean-Pierre Halkin,

- Innovative support for cross-border investments, Mr René-Laurent Ballaguy Managerial Advisor at the European Investment Bank

- EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation, Mr Eivind Lorentzen, Counsellor for Regional and Local Affairs, Representation of Norway

Markku Markkula, First Vice President of the European Committee of the Regions started  “Discussion on the future of Europe”.

Presentation of a study: New ways of financing transport infrastructure projects in Europe, Q&A by Ms Daniela Carvalho, Inova (STOA) was important for comparison of our project TRANS TRITIA.

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