9th European Economic Congress 2017

10-12 may 2017 r.

International Conference Center, Katowice, Poland


The ninth edition of the top business meeting in Central Europe is scheduled to take place on 10-12 May 2017 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. We encourage you to mark it in your calendar today so that we can come together in Katowice next spring.

At a time when Europe is struggling with internal crises and is on the lookout for new forms of co-operation, the Congress remains a forum for open debate, confronting the new reality in which we build economic relations in Europe and across the world, as well the strength of the Polish economy and individual businesses.

Each year, the European focus of the Congress is enriched with a global context brought in by participants from other continents, allowing the list of international debates and meetings to expand.

We are committed to an open attitude towards the diversity of opinions, environments and political options.

The agenda for the 9th EEC is currently being prepared by a broad group of experts and consultants.

We wish to invite all those of you who care about the Polish and European economy to contact us and share your suggestions, ideas and proposals.

Please find below the thematic scope. We are open to your suggestions and opinions.

Main themes

A new capitalism - but what kind?
Do we need to save capitalism from itself? - an attempt at a diagnosis. Economic liberalism is subject to a crossfire of criticism. If not economic freedom and the market, then what? Growth, yes, but not at all costs - in search of balance. Sustainable development in a new context. The economy's social responsibility: environment, healthcare, ethics. Migration, crises and the European job market. New answers to the old question: how much state intervention in the economy? The state as a regulator and creator of economic policy, company owner and investor - what does the free market say?

A different Europe in a different world
A new plan for Europe needed - the status quo no longer works. What does the European option associated with the free market in the economy and democracy in politics have to offer? The economy in Europe after Brexit. Repercussions for economic exchanges, the European job market and finance. Likelihood of other exits - a deterrent effect? Possible changes in European cohesion policy.

The 4th Industrial Revolution - our present reality
The exhaustion of available levers of economic growth. The knowledge-based economy and the European growth model. Reindustrialisation - in theory and practise. Modern industry as a foundation for development - towards European specialisations. How is value created in the economy today? - international division of labour and world superpowers in the light of technological progress. Facets of innovation - importance of the R&D sector in European industry. How to fund and sell it, or innovation in the market. Digitisation of the economy - pitfalls and opportunities. Information and big data management as a challenge to business, administration and citizenship.

Man in the centre - economy, market, labour
Work, workers and the hierarchy of values in the economy. Man is most important - from catchphrase to management. Brain potential, i.e. human resources in the European economies. Qualifications determine development prospects. Disproportion, internal diversification and the openness of the European job market. Migration, the brain drain, competition for the most talented. How are the technologies of the future changing private and professional lives? XYZ, or a new generation of workers - an asset or a liability? How to educate for the market in an era of constant change? Social capital, a deficit good.

Creativity and entrepreneurship
Role of the private sector in the development of the market and the economy. Ideas that change the world - creative power in the economy and social life. Mission versus profit - an apparent contradiction. A culture of entrepreneurship vs. corporate efficacy. The role of leaders in contemporary business organisations: personality and ethical standards, decisions and their consequences. A state of war or co-operation? - issue of trust in private business.

Theme panels


  • Climate policy - continuations and corrections
  • The future of the ETS
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Energy system security
  • European power market
  • Coal-based energy
  • Electrical energy market in Central Europe
  • Investments in the energy sector
  • Innovation and R&D in the energy sector
  • Heating and co-generation
  • Gas market
  • Investment in the gas industry
  • Smoggy Poland - efficient campaigning for low emissions

The future of Europe

  • The place of Europe in the global economy
  • The new EU budget
  • Economy in Europe after Brexit
  • The Juncker plan - an important European experience
  • The Visegrad Group (V4) - a new chapter of co-operation


  • Metallurgy under siege?
  • Coal in Europe and Poland
  • Defence industry in Poland
  • Chemical industry
  • Automotive industry in Poland and Europe

Man, job market and the economy

  • Employees and employers in the light of new technologies
  • Man as an asset to the economy
  • Social capital and the art of effective co-operation
  • Employee market in Poland and Europe
  • Health and safety at work
  • Socially responsible business facing new challenges
  • Delegated staff on the European job market
  • Higher education - from quantity to quality
  • Modern education - employment and innovation


  • Challenges of modern management
  • Family-run businesses

Innovation, digital economy, start-ups

  • Digital economy and digital society in Europe
  • Start-ups - a new business culturev
  • Innovation and the R&D sector
  • Big Data - a challenge for business
  • New consumers, a new economy
  • E-commerce: smartphones and Big Data deal the cards
  • E-citizens in the e-office
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drones - technology for the people and the economy
  • Space industry as a carrier of innovation
  • Electromobility and the automotive industry
  • Electromobility and electrical energy

Global economic co-operation

  • China - Central Europe Economic Co-operation Forum
  • 4th Forum of Economic Co-operation between Africa and Central Europe
  • 2nd Poland - Japan Economic Forum
  • Poland - Kazakhstan Economic Meetings
  • Poland - Vietnam Economic Meetings
  • Poland - Israel Economic Meetings
  • What next in the East? Economy in the shadow of politics
  • Global economic agreements or regional and national protectionism?
  • The New Silk Road and Central Europe
  • The future of economic co-operation between Europe and the US

Investment, foreign expansion

  • Investment conditions - a debate among entrepreneurs
  • Polish investments around the world - ambitions and outcomes
  • Polish brands in the world
  • Foreign investments in Central Europe
  • The future of the BPO/SSC sector in Poland and Europe
  • Economic diplomacy - a new opening?
  • The risks of foreign expansion

Infrastructure, transport, construction

  • Transport infrastructure in Central Europe
  • Infrastructural investment - a new opening
  • Public procurement
  • Polish ports on the rise
  • Domestic cargo transport market
  • Water routes in Poland and Europe
  • Foreign expansion of Polish construction
  • Residential construction in Poland
  • "Housing Plus" Programme
  • Attractive airports. Related investments
  • General Aviation - the potential of Central Europe

Local governments and municipal engineering

  • Local governments and businesses - a partnership of convenience
  • The future of PPP in Poland
  • Active investors in Polish towns and cities
  • Successful revitalisation in practice
  • Free space. Idea and co-operation
  • Culture and municipal development
  • Sports, business, infrastructure
  • Public transportation
  • Circular economy

Real property market

  • Commercial real property in Europe and Poland
  • REITs in Poland - how to make profit from commercial real property

Finances and the law

  • A savings culture
  • Financial market for the economy
  • Optimal taxation
  • Funding investment and EU funds
  • Business-friendly law

Food market

  • Local companies go global
  • Exporting Polish food in the new global economic reality


  • Development of the pharmaceutical industry in Central Europe

The agenda for the 9th EEC is currently being prepared by a broad group of experts and consultants, including individuals affiliated with the Congress and those planning to attend it for the very first time. We wish to invite all those of you who care about the Polish and European economy to contact us and share your suggestions, ideas and proposals.

Registration for the EEC2017 will be available soon.