A memorandum on cooperation within the European Coal Platform was signed


A 24th meeting of entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia took place in Ostrava, with the participation of representatives of: ministries, embassies, representatives of regions and companies. The working part was focused on the development of industry while limiting coal extraction, its use and problems on the labor market in the Czech Republic and Poland. The purpose of the meeting, which was attended by about 150 people, was to support the export of Czech companies and the development of mutual cooperation between: companies, regions and countries.

As part of the conference, representatives of Silesia region, the Moravian-Silesian Region and Žilina Self – governing Region, signed a memorandum on cooperation in mining regions. The assumption of this document is to support low-emission economy, clean energy and new technologies. The platform for coal regions was created at the end of last year at the initiative of the European Commission. It is to help the European regions in the transformation process, due to changes and abandonment of coal mining. It is also an excellent opportunity to get significant financial support in selected regions in the coming years.

Under the memorandum, the assumed activities and projects will be of particular importance for strengthening the process of regional transformation, which should, inter alia, contribute to further improvement of energy and aviation efficiency, as well as the development of advanced and ecological coal technologies, or increased use renewable resources, the potential of mining sites. In the Moravian-Silesian region, there is already a first plan summarizing ideas and projects, developed under the patronage of the Region, the Government Commissioner and the Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Representatives of this region confirmed that they have initiated a study to assess the impact of the European energy package in the region so that support can be targeted at specific content and contained in a specific financial framework.

The meeting was organized by the Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Ostrava and other institutions and partners from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The program began in the Gong Hall in Vítkovice, in the afternoon the meeting was continued in the gardens of the PR Consulate General in Ostrava, where representatives of companies and regions had the opportunity of a joint business meeting, time for informal discussions to strengthen the existing cooperation