Final conference for project “Inter-generational Dialogue”, Belgrade, Serbia.

The final conference of project “Inter-generational Dialogue” was held 7th October 2019 in Belgrade (Serbia). It was on seat of Red Cross Serbia in the centre of city.

The conference summarized project and showed outputs from audits of research for relationship between generations (young, middle, older, old…). There are big differences between understanding of the world but all people must try to talk, work and live among them.

TRITIA participated in the project on the scientific and publication part.


The partners of the project were :

Centar za podrsku i inkluziju HELP NET, Belgrade, Serbia

Town Valašské Meziříčí, Czech republic


90 Decibel, Hungary


The film (with English subtitles) is uploaded on tube channel:

but you can also download it in high resolution on:


The project was supported by International Visegrad Fund.