In EGTC TRITIA about trilateral project

On 20.03.2017 at the headquarters of the EGTC TRITIA in Cieszyn took place working meeting with Kateřina Konečna the Member of the European Parliament representing the Czech Republic from Moravskoslezsky region and the representatives of municipality from Tripoint between Poland, Czech and Slovakia (Skalité, Svrčinovec, Bukovec, Mosty u Jablunkova).

After opening the meeting, conducted by Marta Sláviková, Director EGTC TRITIA, were presented the grouping’s activities and plans for municipal projects for Tripoint. For example the construction of the bridge on the tri-borderregional Tripoint along with other attractions of this area - the construction of a replica guardhouse in the Čierne community, common Istebnej hiking trails, lookout in Skalite or joint cooperation projects firefighters in the slovak - czech - polish territory and others.

Working meeting also highlighted some of the obstacles to international cooperation - in subsidy programs INTERREG V-A or in the administration. For example was pointed problem with the involvement of a third party (from unauthorized areas) in bilateral cross-border programs. Although this possibility was negotiated at all Interreg V-A (Interreg V-A PL - SK, Interreg V-A CZ - PL, Interreg V-A CZ - SK) its actual implementation has so far appears to be very limited to non-investment activities, or activities without impact to the third territory.

The Member of the European Parliament Kateřina Konečna pledge to help remove obstacles to the preparation and implementation of international bileterálnych and trilateral projects.