Innovation in education and care in Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia".

On October 23, 24, 25 this year, at the EGTC TRITIA headquarters were held trainings: "Innovation in education and care in Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia".

They were organized for employees of seven institutions, Social Welfare Homes and Homes for Peaceful Old Age from the territories of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, partner institutions of the project "Seniors Without Borders. Visegrad cooperation for the integration of seniors. " These trainings were conducted in accordance with the PAC program. One of the assumptions of this approach is fully expressed by the idea: "Without a knowledge of dementia, there is no partnership in care, and until there is a cure ... there is care."

The author of this unusual program is Teepa Snow, from the United States. A Positive Care approach is an innovative, comprehensive education program on dementia and care in dementia. It was created with the intention of educating all those involved in the care of people who are struggling with it. The training was conducted by Ms. Marlena Meyer - the only trainer of this method in Poland.

The leader of the project is the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation TRITIA with limited liability. The partners of the project are: Centrum Służb Socjalnych i usług dla seniorów Zákamenné (SK), Centrum Służb Socjalnych Horelica (SK), Powiatowego Domu Pomocy Społecznej Pogodna Jesień w Cieszynie (PL), Domu Pomocy Społecznej Betania w Cieszynie (PL), Centrum Służb Socjalnych Český Těšín, příspěvková organizace (CZ), Domu Spokojnej Starości Sv. Josefa w Ropicach (CZ), Domu seniorów pod patronatem św. Elżbiety, Konwentu Sióstr Elżbietanek w Jabłonkowie (CZ).

Project is supporting by International Visegrad Fund