Meeting of the organizing committee of the Commission XXIII Meetings of entrepreneurs in 2017

The Consulate General of Poland in Ostrava on 02.21.2017 held a meeting concerning organization of the Commission XXIII Business meetings 2017. One of the organizers, in addition to Czech-Polish Chamber of Commerce, economic chambers of the other regions, is EGTC TRITIA.

The organization committee settled the date for this traditional event for the Polish, Czech and Slovak entrepreneurs and representatives of state and local governments on 22/06/2017 in Ostrava.

The event will have a traditional form of thematic panels, conference and meeting in the gardens of the Consulate General of PR.

The selection of topics was accompanied by a rich debate that has establish themes: borderland infrastructure, construction, environmental protection especially the air, ways and means of cross-border business, which will be presented within the panel meetings.

To obtain funding for this popular event EGTC TRITIA with partners submitted project to the International Visegrad Fund.