Meeting of the Supervisory board of EGTC TRITIA and meeting of representatives of cultural departments of the EGTC TRITIA area

On the 27th of September 2017 at the Castle in Cieszyn, took place two meetings coordinated by the EGTC TRITIA team. The Supervisory board of EGTC TRITIA was debating from the early morning hours and was represented by leaders from the Silesian Voivodship, the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Żylina Self-government Region. Representatives of the Supervisory board discussed current work of the Grouping, implemented and planned projects. Attention has been paid to issues that should be included in further actions.

The same day took place meeting for representatives of the culture departments from the Silesian Voivodship, Moravian-Silesian Region and the Żylina Self-government Region. During the meeting were presented the structures and forms of management of cultural departments and the main cultural events and monuments in the regions. Directors of departments: Grzegorz Szymański SV, Jitka Koščáková (M-SR) and Miroslava Ševčíková –Šumská (ŻSg) exchanged experience on the issue of raising funds to support culture from European and international funds. During the discussions, common areas of cooperation were found, which may be implemented on the Polish-Czech-Slovak borderland. Ms Marta Sláviková, the Director of EGTC TRITIA presented European programs, which may include activities supporting culture.