"People-to-people projects and small scale projects in cross-border cooperation programmes"


It was in the seat of European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, 9 April 2019.

Director of EGTC TRITIA Marta Sláviková took a part on it.

People-to-people projects and small scale projects play an essential role in cross-border cooperation programmes and have contributed greatly to their success. They form a basis upon which further cross-border cooperation in different areas can be developed as they contribute to making contacts across border, normalize relationships between neighboring regions, building trust among partners and overcoming prejudices. EGTCs have recently started to play a more active role in both management and use of small people to people projects and this event will look into best practices and transferability to other EGTCs.

Event was led by Pavel Branda, Rapporteur on the CoR opinion "People-to-people projects and small scale projects in cross-border cooperation programmes".

The first speaker Dorota Witoldson from European Commission, DG REGIO talked about new legislative for Microproject Funds and about fund management for next period 2021-2027. She stressed the need connection EGTCs to the system of management of Micro-project Fond. According to the present proposal the management body for Micro-project fond will be able to be cross-border body or EGTC. She expalined cros-border body.

Next presentations there were held by Ondřej Havlíček, acting director of Euroregion Nisa Jaroslav Štefek, director of Euroregion Glacensis and Veronika Mohňanská from, Via Carpatia EGTC. This EGTC from HU-SK border is manager body for Small Project Fund.