Local products belong to the marketplace

The key message of the introductory conference of the project YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT is the need to keep on creating more suitable conditions for the approach of local products to the market. The conference was organized by ISTER - GRANUM EGTC on April 14 - 16, 2014 in Esztergom, HU. The task of the EGTC TRITIA, the project partner, was to bring 18 experts including two speakers to the conference. Its objective was to compare the legislative background for the operation of local producers in the V4 cross – border areas.

Conference participants had also an opportunity to see some of the best practices in the Slovak – Hungarian border area. Some of the best pracices were also introduced by the TRITIA conference participants operating in the Slovak – Czech – Polish border area, particularly around the village of Hrčava, whose mayor Peter Stano took part at the conference in person.

The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund. ISTER – GRANUM EGTC is the beneficiary, EGTC TRITIA and the Civic Association of TRIANON from Český Tešín are project partners.

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