Kysuce Tourist Board with EGTC TRITIA and other partners is implementing a project to promote of cross-country skiing in the Slovak-Polish-Czech border regions. We will create a map of cross-country skiing routs, ski centres and ski services in the SK-PL-CZ borders.

The next part will be joint children international cross-country races. International races will be held in Ustron, Poland, and in the Czech village Malá Morávka.

Part of the project will be the workshop of managers of cross-country ski centers for the exchange of experiences with the solution of risk situations in the preparation of ski runs and their holding. Workshop will be held in the village Hrčava symbolically on the PL-SK-CZ triplepoint.

The project partners are:

Kysuce Tourist Board


Žilina tourist region - Regional tourism board

Municipality Mosty u Jablunkova

Association of Promotion and Development Ustron - School of Cross-Country Skiing Ustron

Municipality Skalité

Municipality Hrčava

Municipality Istebna

Moravian-Silesian Tourism, s.r.o.

Municipality Rajcza

Municipality Makov

Municipality Malá Morávka


Maps of winter attractions of the Polish-Czech-Slovak borderland

Map 1 Part 1 PDF

Map 1 Part 2 PDF

Map 2 Part 1 PDF

Map 2 Part 2 PDF


The project is supported by International Visegrad Fund by 12 721,- EUR.