Green Transport Service

Project “Green transport service” want to map ecological – alternative forms of transport – cycle transport, water transport, walking trails other forms of green traffic (rolls, paragliding, scooters) in the border region of 3 states SK–PL-CR covered Moravian–Silesian Region CZ, Opole Voivodeship PL, Silesian Voivodeship PL and Žilina Region SK and introduce in schools. Environmental protection is very big topic for the region and for all Europe. We want to help to reduce carbon in air in our border region.The project will be the information and propagation of green transport which does not supply carbon to air, for healthy life for school children, tourists and other people. Outputs will be workshop, conference, special map, facebook discus club about options of green transport, actions.

The project is suported by International Visegrad Fund. Small Grants.