The first Lady Business of MSR is Hana Malurová, Eskon s.r.o.

Title of the first Lady Business MSR gained Hana Malurová, Eskon, s.r.o., the title won among the 17 registered for entrepreneurs.

Second place went to Michaela Nemcova (Omega Funeral Service), and then the third place won Kateřina Skokanová (SVAR-TEST-CZ.). Award ceremony took place December 10, 2015 in  Petrovice mansion near Karvina.

The competition wanted to show that there are many successful business women in MSR. Under the patronage of Moravian competition was organized by the Regional Development Agency. Businesswomen who entered the competition were assessed by an expert committee in two areas, namely financial criteria and subjective criteria. Within the financial indicators are evaluated, for example, profitability and debt ratios, with subjective criteria, then members of the committee were interested, among other things about the firm's activities on foreign markets, the company's strategy and it's emphasis on social responsibility.

Area business registered businesswomen was really varied. Despite the typically female fields - such as running kindergartens and nursery schools or education after the company purely technical.

Sustainable business