Visegrad cooperation for working with seniors

ID number: 21910016
Source and amount of funding: International Visegrad Fund, € 28,260.00

Implementation period: 03/06/2019–31/08/2020

Project description: the project is based on the external support for institutions providing care for the elderly people – Nurses Home/Homes of Old Age from the border areas of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. First of all, we planned organization international conference regarding the subject of working with seniors, second – we planned art therapy workshops for seniors and their medical assistance or therapist, third: organization of training in the methods of working with seniors who are struggling with dementia and other disease; fourth – we also planned preparation of specialized musical-therapeutic tools addressed to seniors, which will be used during the workshops, and later sent to the nurses homes (so that they can be used during occupational therapy). They will be adapted to recipients from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This project assumes support for older people through the education of people working with seniors, their international integration, and strengthening intergenerational dialogue. Another, very important issue of this project is organize training for people who work with seniors - therapists, caregivers, management staff of social welfare homes, and for families of a sick senior. To help change this situation, we want to organize a series of training based on a model PAC Method. Our main goal is to address the problem of excluding older people by establishing institutional cooperation and providing support to organizations that perform care functions, thus promoting the principle of cooperation and and help for seniors.

Project partners:
1)Centrum sociálnych služieb Zákamenné:

2)Center of Social services Horelica:
3) District Residential Home Pogodna Jesień (Sunny Autumn):
4) District Residential Home Betania:
5) Social Services Center in Český Těšín:
6) 9forces Foundation:
7) Public Servis Company St. Joseph, p.s.c. Ropice:
8) Nursing house for seniors under a patronage of Sainth Elizabeth, Konvent sisters of St. Elizabeth:
9)The Cambio Foundation
10) Retirement home Vrbno, funded organization


Project is supporting by International Visegrad Fund.